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Local Art Display for June 2016

6/1/2016 - 6/30/2016

Artist Karen Schuman’s art work will be on display at the North Riverside Luxury 6, located at 7501 West Cermak Road in North Riverside, IL, throughout the month of June. 

Schuman studies and practices the ancient wisdom of the Medicine People of Peru, and has been taught to recognize her art creations “as part of a divine drama between spirit and physical form, and as an outpouring of my own being.”

“I consider life to be a series of circumstances created for the next level of mastery,” Schuman says. “My artwork, which is composed of batik-dyed fabric, quilting, beadwork, embroidery and other media, is the documentation of my life’s journey in both its light and shadow forms.” And she adds, “I use my artwork to reflect outward this struggle, as it moves into grace.”

The theatre has featured one or multiple artists for most of the months during 2016.  See a movie and check out some talented local artists. For more information about the art display, please contact Bob at

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