Welcome to Classic Cinemas
Our family-owned company has purchased the Kendall 11 GDX from Goodrich Quality Theaters. Based in the Chicago western suburbs, we've been providing the most enjoyable and immersive movie-going experience for over 40 years. We know it can be hard to say goodbye to the familiar, but we'll be keeping on existing staff and integrating them into our Classic family to smooth the transition.
We look forward to reopening when there are major new releases to enjoy - we hope those dates stick to August, but cannot guarantee. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.
The Classic Experience
Dark room. Big screen. Delicious, warm, fresh popcorn and an ice-cold drink. It’s what movie memories are made of. At Classic Cinemas, you can treat yourself and never run out. We provide free refills on every size of popcorn, sodas, and ICEEs.
Whether there's too many explosions or not enough... whatever the reason, if you want or need to leave within 30 minutes from the start of your movie, we're happy to refund your admission.
We pride ourselves on offering affordable luxury. Enjoy any movie for just $5 all day Tuesday, every Tuesday.
Transition FAQs
We know you have questions. We hope we've answered some of them below. If we haven't addressed your questions, please reach out to us!
We look forward to reopening in time for major new releases. We wish we could provide a date, but due to the uncertainty of the environment and the shifting of release dates, we're not able to pinpoint a date at this time.
We hope to honor Goodrich gift cards, but it is dependent on being able to access the relevant purchase data, which we do not have at this time. We are trying and will keep you posted! We will honor passes, with an extended expiration date if they've expired during this temporary closure.
We hope so! We'd like to transfer over your points to our Classic Rewards program when you join, but it will depend on what data we are provided. We're still working on the conversion so please look out for an email that will explain what we're able to do. 
We're simplifying pricing and will be including taxes in all of our prices. For most people, that means admissions prices are going down! Some specialty prices are being removed however, so that may mean a small increase in those instances.
  • All matinee / Senior (60+) / Child (11 and under): $7
  • General Admission: $9
  • $5 Tuesday
  • Under two free
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