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Welcome to Classic Cinemas

Our family-owned company looks forward to taking over the La Grange Theatre with a target open date by Summer 2022. Based in Downers Grove, we've been providing the most enjoyable and immersive movie-going experience for over 40 years.

You may be familiar with some of our nearby theatres including the Tivoli in Downers Grove, York in Elmhurst, Lake in Oak Park, the North Riverside Mall theatre, or the former Ogden 6 in Naperville.

La Grange Theatre Restoration

It will take some time and elbow grease, but we are working on making significant improvements to the theatre. We hope you'll be able to enjoy a movie at the La Grange Theatre by Memorial Day 2022. Please follow the Facebook page for updates.


Do you always need a sweater at the movies? This is perfect for you! All auditorium seating will be replaced with luxury power recliners with optional heat settings. You'll be able to reserve seats online when buying tickets and enjoy unparalleled comfort.


The benefit of more screens is a wider movie selection. We're adding a new auditorium to an underutilized area in the back of the building and then reconfiguring two auditoriums into three separate rooms. Some auditoriums will be smaller in size, but not in quality.

This new configuration will improve your overall movie experience and allows us to fix the uneven flooring. The building was designed with dip to optimize the original one screen configuration, so you may not have noticed, but you've been sitting on a slant!


We're replacing existing screens, projectors, and sound equipment to ensure you receive the best presentation possible.

A new XQ auditorium will feature high-contrast laser projection and DTS:X immersive audio so you can see, hear, and experience more. 


Classic Cinemas is committed to celebrating the historic nature of the theatre. We're keeping classic touches like the beautiful murals intact and finding space for new embellishments like decorative medallions we found in the attic. Local designer Maggie Allen has been retained to continue her work on the interior of the theatre as she has in the past.

Our History of Theatre Restoration

Classic Cinemas Tivoli Theatre in Downers Grove, IL

Classic Cinemas Tivoli Theatre in Downers Grove, IL

Six of our existing locations are historic downtown cinemas and it's where we got our start. In 1978, the operator of the Tivoli Theatre disappeared, leaving landlord Willis Johnson with a theatre in disrepair. He decided to give it a shot himself and soon began acquiring and meticulously restoring other historic theatres in the Chicago area. Classic Cinemas has been honored by the Theatre Historical Society of America and received the Landmarks Illinois Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Preservation Stewardship Award.

Willis's son and current CEO Chris Johnson continues the tradition today. Our oldest built theatre, the Lindo in Freeport, IL, celebrates it's 100th anniversary this year. We are committed to bringing the best technology and comfort available to all of our theatres while keeping their historic charm. 

The Classic Experience

It's your enjoyment that makes what we do meaningful, so we stand by guest-friendly policies like playing fewer trailers and providing thank-you mints. Along with a commitment to provide the best movie-going experience, here's what you can expect at all of our locations: 


Dark room. Big screen. Delicious, warm, fresh popcorn and an ice-cold drink. It’s what movie memories are made of. At Classic Cinemas, you can treat yourself and never run out. We provide free refills on every size of popcorn, sodas, and ICEEs.


Whether there's too many explosions or not enough... whatever the reason, if you want or need to leave within 30 minutes from the start of your movie, we're happy to refund your admission.


We pride ourselves on offering affordable luxury. Enjoy any movie for just $5 all day Tuesday, every Tuesday.

Transition FAQs

We know you have questions. We hope we've answered some of them below. If we haven't addressed your questions, please reach out to us!


We will honor La Grange gift cards, which never expire. Unfortunately, we will not be honoring passes or coupons that have expired.
As we transition the theatre to a first-run theatre that plays new movies as they open, prices will go up. However, we pride ourselves on affordable luxury and keep our prices below average ticket prices. They will remain below nearby competitors. We will continue to offer matinees before 6 pm and special pricing for children and seniors.
We have a loyalty program called Classic Rewards that allows you to earn points on purchases and redeem them for free movies and concessions. Sign up or learn more about the program.
Yes! We are committed to bringing the latest technology and comfort to the theatre, but we will absolutely keep the overall historic look and feel.