Classic Rewards

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  • Receive special seasonal offers like a free popcorn and invitations to exclusive screenings
  • Get alerts for movies you want to see
  • Have easy access to all your tickets in one place



Link your account with a password for easy checkout. Save movies to your watchlist, view your points and get access to your digital card. You will need to have access to the email associated with your membership in order to link your account. Contact us if you're having trouble.

Classic Rewards FAQ

Classic Rewards is a FREE membership program where you get rewarded for purchases you're already making. Earn points by purchasing tickets and concessions. Points can be redeemed for FREE concessions and movie tickets without restrictions. As an added bonus, members will receive special offers and invitations to exclusive screenings. For terms and conditions, click here.

Your point total is always available to view along with your digital card in your Classic Rewards profile. It will also be printed on your receipt. Our staff members will let you know when you have enough points to pay for your transaction.

We're sorry you're having difficulty - please fill out our help form and we will get back to you within 2 business days. Any transactions you make during this time can be retroactively applied to your account, so don't let this stop you from enjoying your trip to the movies.

Each member will need a unique email address along with your first and last name and birthday. We need your birthday to verify your age for compliance, but you'll also receive a free movie pass for your birthday!

You will be emailed a virtual card number and QR code once you join. You can use this from your phone or print it out. You will also be able to access the card from your profile on the website. We now have a mobile app available for download from the Apple & Google online stores. You really won't need a physical card anymore, however If you would like one, please visit your theatre and it will be provided which will be reflected in your profile.

You can redeem your points for anything from concession= to movie tickets as long as you have enough points for the item. 100 Classic Reward points equates to one dollar.Our staff members will let you know when you have enough points to pay for your transaction.