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AlphaBet Soup Production Winnie the Pooh a new musical

The classic stories of A.A. Milne come to life in a fun-filled musical adventure! All is not well in the Hundred Acre Wood… Christopher Robin has gone missing! It’s up to Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and all their pals to save the day. Along the way, the animals confront their own insecurities while learning the importance of teamwork and acceptance.

Playing at:

Select Pix Lindo

Enjoy these classic films starring film icons Cary Grant and Robert Mitchum on the big screen!

Playing at: Lindo Theatre

Class of '97

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of your favorite movies from 1997. Showtimes at 2 pm and 7pm the third Wednesday of every month.

Start date: Jan 19, 2022 End Date: Dec 21, 2022 Playing at: Beloit XQ, Charlestowne 18 XQ, Cinema 7, Elk Grove XQ, Lake Theatre, Woodstock, York Theatre XQ, Kendall 11

Lindo Century Series

Celebrate 100 years of the Lindo with classic movies through the decades.

Start date: Apr 21, 2022 End Date: Feb 17, 2023 Playing at: Lindo Theatre

Critics Classics

Enjoy your favorite classic films each month followed by a discussion with a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association.

Start date: Jul 14, 2022 End Date: Jan 1, 2027 Playing at: Elk Grove XQ

Smash Cut Cinema

Cult classics hosted by F This Movie's Patrick Bromley.

Start date: Sep 17, 2022 End Date: Jan 1, 2027 Playing at: Elk Grove XQ

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