Special Events at Elk Grove XQ


Class of '97

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of your favorite movies from 1997. Showtimes at 2 pm and 7pm the third Wednesday of every month.

Start date: Jan 19, 2022 End Date: Dec 21, 2022 Playing at: Beloit XQ, Charlestowne 18 XQ, Cinema 7, Elk Grove XQ, Lake Theatre, Woodstock, York Theatre XQ, Kendall 11

Critics Classics

Enjoy your favorite classic films each month followed by a discussion with a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association.

Start date: Jul 14, 2022 End Date: Jan 1, 2027 Playing at: Elk Grove XQ

Smash Cut Cinema

Cult classics hosted by F This Movie's Patrick Bromley.

Start date: Sep 17, 2022 End Date: Feb 7, 2027 Playing at: Elk Grove XQ

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